Mélanie Guille, originally from France, began her career in her hometown, Toulouse. Her early training led her to join the international French Hairstylist team, participating in various shows across France. Seeking growth, she pursued education at London's prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy, which significantly shaped and influenced her approach to hairstyling.

A few years ago, Mélanie began her backstage journey at Fashion Week events in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, with some of the industry's most renowned artists.
Today, she's known for her innovative and creative concepts, blending classic hair shapes with a contemporary touch. Her attention to detail has earned recognition for her ability to think beyond traditional standards, consistently stretching the boundaries of beauty.

Mélanie's work has been featured in respected publications such as ELLE Canada, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Italia, Schön, L'Officiel, and more, contributing to her growing influence in the hairstyling sphere.


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