Born and raised in the south of France, Mélanie grew up in a creative family environment in the lovely city of Toulouse. This is what sparked her interest in hair and styling. After completing her initial training in her hometown Mélanie joined the international French Hairstylist Team in 2011. She went on to compete in various hair shows all around France.

Mélanie then moved to the UK to train with some of the best stylists in London. Her training at Vidal Sassoon was what really impacted her vision of hair and the endless opportunities within the industry.

Now based in Toronto, Melanie’s had the opportunity to work with many other lead artists as well as assist backstage for Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Week. This pushed her to think outside the box allowing her work with natural texture as well as create refined structural shapes. Mélanie’s experience displays a combination of both her creative and technical ability with exceptional attention to detail.


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